1. Why Choose a RIB?

RIB's (Rigid Inflatable Boats) are constructed with a conventional planning hull manufactured out of fiber-glass with an inflatable collar for increased buoyancy and stability. The collar (or TUBE) acts as a shock absorber ensuring that the craft has unparalleled seaworthiness, safety and stability. RIB's are used around the world by Military, Commercial, Rescue and Recreational users. (SEE WHY ASIS FOR MORE DETAILS)

2. Why are all ASIS boats’s collars (or tubes) made out of Hypalon and not PVC?

Hypalon has long been the best and only quality fabric to use in a quality manufactured product due to the following characteristics: Immensely strong · Wear Resistant · Waterproof and air tight · Immune to hazards of sunlight, ozone, fuel, oil, acids and contaminants. It also carries a 5 year transferable fabric guarantee and seam warranty on all leisure boats. It has a longer lifespan than PVC · A boat with Hypalon Tubes has a better resale value.

Traditionally, PVC has had problems with UV and ozone damage and factors like holding and colour stability have been problems. (SEE WHY ASIS FOR MORE DETAILS)

Testing in extreme heat has proven that only Hypalon will prevail.

3. Should I purchase a rigged boat from ASIS? And if I do, will the engine warranty work in my country?

ASIS does recommend that the rigging be done by our professional riggers as they are very experienced with our boats and would know exactly how to place the engine and which propeller to use to give you the best performance out of your boat. Each factory rigged engine will be water tested at which point an on-water test certificate will be issued, insuring proper performance of your boat. Engine warranty will work in your country with certain engine manufacturers that have a worldwide warranty.

4. Why do ASIS manufacture boats in Dubai?

The advantages of manufacturing in Dubai are as follows:

  • Dubai is geographically centrally located to be in a position to ship to any country world-wide quickly and efficiently.
  • ASIS is owned by a large Dubai based Industrial Group who has over 40 years manufacturing experience in fibre-glass and engineering.
  • Dubai has extreme weather in summer making it a great place to test boats.
  • Dubai is very supportive of manufacturing development and enables manufacturers to import and export in a very hassle free environment.