Why Choose a RIB?

RIBís (Rigid Inflatable Boats) are constructed with a conventional planning hull manufactured out of fiber-glass with an inflatable collar for increased buoyancy and stability. The collar (or TUBE) acts as a shock absorber ensuring that the craft has unparalleled seaworthiness, safety and stability. RIBís are used around the world by Military, Commercial, Rescue and Recreational users.

10 Good Reasons to Own an ASIS...

1. Safety.
The separated air chambers ensure that the increased buoyancy created by the air tubes remain effective even in the event of puncture. ASIS boats would propel themselves efficiently regardless of air tubes but the air tubes provide ultimate safety.

2. Light Weight.
The air tube collar construction result in the ASIS Rigid Inflatable Boat being significantly lighter than a conventional hard sided boat. This advantage ensures that it is easier to trailer behind a vehicle or lift on to the deck of a larger vessel.

3. Easy launching and retrieving.
Due to the ASIS RIBís lightness it is easy to launch and retrieve making boating less hassle.

4. Economic
The weight saving aspect of the ASIS craft will generally make the boat more fuel economic allowing for a lower running cost and greater relative travelling range.

5. Exceptional Speed
The lightness will ensure that HP vs. HP the ASIS RIB will mostly outperform any conventional hard sided boat with the same power.

6. Outstanding load carrying capacity
ASIS RIBís have a greater relative load carrying capacity due to the inflatable collars providing ultimate buoyancy and stability. Thus allowing you to transport considerable charges without affecting the performance

7. Remarkable Stability
The inflatable collars on the ASIS Rigid Inflatable Boat serve as a stabilizing platform whether at standstill or traveling at high speed. Particularly at high speed and in adverse conditions this stability becomes a significant advantage. Military and Sea Rescue craft use RIBís with this benefit in mind.

8. Dry Ride
The air collars offer vastly improved wave deflection resulting in a drier ride and the ability to navigate more extreme sea conditions.

9. Soft Ride
The air collars offer a shock absorption especially noticeable in extreme sea state conditions.

10. Versatility
ASIS Rigid Inflatable Boats are versatile with plenty of open deck space to utilize for customizable accessory layout. The safety and performance qualities ensure versatility in sea conditions. Asis will serve you well in adverse sea conditions sometimes not suited to hard sided boats.


ASIS uses quality materials to manufacture and produce all products. Well recognized marine product suppliers are sourced through the dedicated procurement personnel to ensure quality and compliance. We realize the importance of quality fittings, however small, are critically important in the safety and enjoyment of your boat. Only Hypalonô is used in the manufacture of the ASIS tubes. ASIS do not believe that a PVC product can provide the longevity and safety that can be compared with the multi layered Hypalon fabric. All materials are incorporated into the ASIS Warranty.



Each boat is built with your safety in mind. Every critical employee at ASIS knows boats, uses boats and understands the importance of building boats with quality and safety at the forefront of their minds.

ASIS knows that whether it is your commercial application, your rescue mission or your family and loved ones, when at sea it is important that our boats perform their job in a safe and functional manner.

The ASIS professional design team will always ensure that our standards of manufacture are constantly evolving with the current world-wide regulations with the objective of always remaining ahead.

ASIS is committed to safe boating and offers and recommends sea training on all boats.

Rigorous testing are performed on each boat before introduction in the market.

Samples of some tests:

  1. All people one 1 side of the boat at full load.
  2. Towing the boat at full load.
  3. Full speed turns in 100 meter for maneuverability.
  4. Flotation without air in the tubes at full load.